created by Sediqa N. Amed

Beyond DevelopmentTM

Transformational Program for Youth

Our mission is to help our adolescents navigate challenges unique to their transition into adulthood. We also provide them with long-term skills as well as tools to overcome such challenges, leading a life of harmony and joy.

Pocket Compassion

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Help start a chain reaction of random act of kindness without asking for anything in return.  Afterward pass your card on and share your story with us.


Sediqa N. Amed

Sediqa Amed is passionately interested in transformation, psychology, and neuroscience.  Her background in Nuclear Medicine Technology, molecular science, energetic medicine, and leadership grounds her work as a transformational leader.

Using neuroscience integrated with psychology, Sediqa is able to instruct as well as coach individuals ways of achieving ultimate fulfillment, self-realization, connection, love, and success!


Thank you for reminding me that everyone has their own thoughts and reasons for acting the way they do, even my loving parents.

– Happy Student