About Beyond DevlopmentTM

What We Know

Mental, emotional, and physical health influence how we feel, think, and act in our daily lives. Adolescents are a product of their environment and family system; and many families naturally experience some level of dysfunction. Our adolescents also spend majority of their time in school, a place where they gain social and behavioral skills.

Due to their changing brains, bodies, and rapidly transitioning social environment, our youth are increasingly susceptible to:

risk-taking, impulsivity, peer influence, lack of inspiration, attention-seeking, sensation-seeking, eating disorder, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and violence.

Also, as result of:

  1. Limiting options and rights given to our educators in our school systems,
  2. Underpaid educators with over-populated classrooms,
  3. Unproductive and unhealthy use of modern technology,
  4. Modern social media disconnecting our most vital and natural need for survival: human connection and interaction,
  5. Media messages effectively enforcing and encouraging:
    1. addiction for short-lived pleasures and fame,’
    2. acceptance and love gained through materialistic possessions,
  6. Pharmaceutical companies overmedicating, interrupting, mutating, and numbing the natural process of growth of our youth,

are all making it almost impossible for our younger generation to feel connected, understood, confident, accepted, protected, loved, in control of their lives, have sense of identity, importance, and purpose in life.

According to CDC and suicide.orgteen and adolescent suicides and school shootings have continued to rise dramatically in recent years.

  • Every 100 minutes a teen takes her/his own life.
  • Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for young people ages 11 to 24.
  • About 20 % of all teens experience depression before they reach adulthood.
  • Only 30% of depressed teens are being treated for it and ask for help.

What Can be Done About It?

At Beyond Development, we acknowledge that every individual is influenced by their environment. We also understand that in order to make any type of positive change possible in our current state, we must make new choices. Different choices require us most often to move forward towards the future. And most often, majority of us lack the skills and the tools to move forward in the proper direction.

At Beyond Development, we believe that it is our duty to encourage and empower them to reach their highest potential, to prepare them for adulthood, and most importantly, to build them into future leaders and not laborers.

It is also our duty as the older generation to meet their needs by providing our younger generation the skills and tools necessary to overcome their challenges in our rapidly changing society.

With such skills and tools gained, our youth will have the ability to:

  1. Cope and overcome their emotional and mental challenges independently,
  2. Evaluate and positively apply social and media messages sent to them,
  3. Use modern technology and social media to their benefit,
  4. Work together as a united team in their schools and communities,
  5. Establish healthy relationships with themselves and others,
  6. Connect with and achieve their highest potential,
  7. Gain purpose, self-worth, and self-confidence,
  8. Build their communities,

Accept change and make a difference for others.

What we are doing about it

And that is what exactly BEYOND DEVELOPMENT delivers to our youth:

Simple, effective, holistic, research-informed coaching skills and tools that allows them to achieve a lasting healthy and balanced emotional, mental, social, and academic state.

Beyond Development’s comprehensive transformative program uses principles of life-coaching integrated with Quantum Theory and incorporated in practice of:

  • Mindfulness,
  • Art,
  • Music and Sound,
  • Affirmations,
  • Movement,
  • Breathing exercises,
  • Skill Building and Discovery,
  • Emotional and mental management techniques,
  • Goal Setting Techniques,
  • Relationship building techniques, and so much more!

How it is implemented

Beyond Development is designed as a simple SELF-GUIDED transformative life-coaching program for our youth to use at home, in school, and on their mobile devices. Our youth will have access to this program with our app on their iPads in schools, through our website, and physical workbooks. We can also easily integrate our program with most other existing systems that schools already use to facilitate similar programs.

Our educators and helping professionals can implement these tools in their classrooms during academic hours, in their after-school programs, and our biggest mission is to make this program a mandatory self-development curriculum in our schools globally in the very near future!

Our parents, guardians, and helping professionals can provide and implement our program to their youth with productive results, as this is a self-guided program methodically designed to be simple and easily applicable.

How it Works

Beyond DevelopmentTM is designed as a self-guided transformative program to use at home, in school, and on mobile devices. Our youth will have access to this program via our app on iPads in schools, through our website (BeyondDevelopment.org), and physical workbooks.

Beyond DevelopmentTM is a self-guided program designed to be simple and easily applicable. Our educators can implement these tools in their classrooms during academic hours and in their after-school programs. Guardians and helping professionals can provide and implement our program to their youth with productive results.