Purpose and Self-Identity

The word purpose has been defined as having a reason for doing something, for allowing for something to happen, and to be determined. In simpler words and explanation, having a purpose is to know why you do what you do. Deep inside, you are passionate about living your best life, and you naturally have been built to want to understand why and how.

Finding your purpose and meaning in life is often accompanied with the desire to discover who you are deep within. Your purpose and who you are on the inside are interconnected. To know yourself is to know your purpose, values, vision, goals, motivations, and beliefs. And if you are not connected with who you really are, you are probably just living life for others without pursuing your own authentic purpose. Pursuing other people’s goals and living up to others’ expectations only leads to a loss of identity, confusion, depression, anger, resentment, low self-esteem, unhealthy habits, and simply an unhappy life. 

Your purpose is the result of a combination and interaction between genes, experiences, upbringing, and environment. However, you get to choose what you want to do with it. Your purpose has nothing to do with how rich, respected, famous, or successful you are. It isn’t even about what you want or desire. It is about sharing your gifts, skills, and who you truly are as a person. It is about making a difference for others with your unique gifts, talents, and being your authentic self.

Your purpose is revealed to you when you release your limiting and negative patterns, habits, and attitude. Your purpose also reveals itself to you when you make meaning and understanding out of even the harshest experiences. And when you find your purpose, you will feel it with a conviction, excitement, most profound passion that you have never experienced before!

Those who haven’t found their life purpose and who don’t feel deeply connected to themselves, are often challenged by those who live purposefully.

Therefore, the very first step in discovering your purpose in life is to be very clear about who you are when you are free from fear, free from your old unhealthy patterns, free from your limiting beliefs, free from negative attitude, and free from self-doubt. In other words, your key to finding your purpose in life is to be a brave, loving, compassionate, honest, giving, confident, empathetic, generous, and a mindful person.

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