Graduation celebration

Card Number: 251

The Pocket Compassion Story

This family of six were eating at this local breakfast joint. They were celebrating their son’s graduation from junior high school. They were so proud of their son and the kids seemed soooooo hAppy. In the bathroom, the mom was counting her money secretly and talking to her daughter about sharing her food with her other siblings because she didn’t get paid for her last job and didn’t realize how high the prices were on the menu. But she didn’t want her son to find out about this money drama and ruin his favorite place to eat for his big celebration. I walked out of the bathroom pretending I didn’t speak any Spanish and greeted them in English. I walked to the waiter who was serving them and told him that I would pay for the entire party’s breakfast and to tell them that the celebration was on the house! The waiter told the mom and up to $200, their bill was covered including a purchase of any two pies! Then, waiter handed the son my compassion card. Hopefully, I’ll see my card travel far!