Homeless in exchange for a life lesson

Card Number: 1700

The Pocket Compassion Story

The coldest it’s ever been here. My daughter and I had been fighting all morning that day over a jacket she was refusing to wear on her first day of school because it didn’t match her finger nail colors and she wanted a new jacket and wardrope that wasn’t in my budget—-LIKE EVER! Driving towards the city, there was a line of people waiting for the food shelter to open. Standing in the cold and rain waiting to have a meal…it just hit me and I parked the car in the sketchiest part of town, scared. I yelled out like a crazy person: “Who needs scarfs, jacket, doughnuts, bagels, cupcakes, shoes? And who can wait a couple of hours so I can get them for you???! My daughter will take your order!” In less than one hour at wallmart with six carts and my car filled up to the roof with backpacks, you name it! and my daughter’s mascara running down her face for missing first day of school – Ooooh MAN it felt good to find an alternative to good old fashion spanking! My daughter bragged about “her idea” for giving back for months! She still hasn’t gotten the jacket she wants. Instead she wants to go to Jamaica to help out other kids. It took this one tiny card I got at my teen’s event at grocery store to fix my spoiled teen and my years of parenting mistakes!