Stranger at the bank gave my son a birthday party

Card Number: 600

The Pocket Compassion Story

I went to the bank to take out money out for my son’s birthday cake. I totally forgot that I didn’t have enough money in the bank since I had to take my daughter to urgent care last week. So many things were chaotic that week and I went to get money out of atm. I went inside the bank to ask why atm did not dispense any money. I sighed and told the banker that my son’s birthday will have to wait. As I reached my car, this woman came to me to the car and asked if she could gift my son something since she heard me at the bank. I was so embarrassed and apologized for my loud voice. But, she proceeded to hand me this envelope and told me that she’s had 3 miscarriages and felt called to help me out. We hugged for a few minutes and I was crying listening to her story. She handed me the envelope and it was filled with $100. That $100 gave my son the best 7th birthday party ever and bought school lunches for him for his school for two weeks! Thank you, Merna!