Target shopping spree for a hardworking mother

Card Number: 1714

The Pocket Compassion Story

I saw this lady maybe in her mid 30’s with three kids shopping at Target near my house. She had two younger tween boys and a baby girl. I noticed her on the phone trying to pick up extra hours to work and paying her bills on the phone. Her hair was brittle and looked as though she wasn’t doing anything for herself. Her kids were very well behaved and were helping her shop. I started chatting with her in the diaper aisle and turns out she works two different full-time jobs and had adopted her nephew at age 4 because of drug abuse or something like that in the fam. She was so grateful about her life and didn’t seem at all bothered that her shoes were falling apart or that she was working so hard. I quickly filled up my cart with diaper boxes wipes lotions and some fun sweets for the boys. ANYTHING I could get my hands on quickly before they left. I grabbed a few gift cards and I waited until they finished shopping. At the cashier I insisted on paying for their shopping and gave them my full cart with gifts. She froze and was completely in shock. I wanted to give her this card, but then, I would be left without one. This card reminds me to be kind to myself and others…and I work at a place where I had been feeling so disconnected because everyone else is too. I got this card yesterday and it made me feel so good to do something today…I’ll keep this card cause it reminds me of the good stuff I can do for others until I’m ready to give it away.